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IT Security

Top protection for employees, clients, & the most critical aspects of your business.

With an abundant amount of work taking place over the internet through multiple systems, protecting your digital assets, network, and all other company information is more important than ever because cybersecurity threats are adapting to more internet based attacks as well. Whether a breach is large or small, it can cost your company time and money. These losses can lead to serious companywide impacts or even close business’ doors.

Different Types of Cybersecurity Threats

Frequently, various data security is at risk because of human error. In fact, almost 90% of security risks are because of employees, whether the mistakes are intentional or not. Another cause for a threat classified as human error is not having secure passwords. Passwords are important in keeping data safe, but constantly creating or renewing passwords can be a hassle. Creating unique passwords for all applications decreases risks to information. Beyond that, there are threats that are beyond an organization and its employees’ control, and this is where proper IT security comes into the works.

There are multiple threats businesses can face when working in an internet based setting. The most common threat to your organization’s data is malware, which can affect your network devices using ransomware, spyware, or various viruses. Hackers could even gain access to your business’ finances and have the capability to make unauthorized transactions, transfer funds in and out of your company, or steal sensitive client information. Another threat that is even more prominent in today’s workforce is mobile protection. For organizations to cater to a mobile workforce, they must have their data be accessible from anywhere on any device, without proper protection on all devices, in office or not, businesses can find themselves extremely vulnerable.

Providing The Ultimate Protection to Your Critical Information

IT specialists are qualified to protect your computer systems by creating barriers that deny external access, recognize atypical activity within your systems, assess any current network disruptions or threats, and implement strategies or improvements to keep your system and security running at top-grade levels. IT specialists also specialize in many areas of security such as network troubleshooting, information security policies, security analyst, and firewall administration. Emphasizing on these qualifications and areas of expertise, there are incredible benefits to proven IT security.

Firewall Administration

Firewalls are a common and frequently used security measure. They closely monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic then decide what traffic to allow or block based on a defined set of security rules.

Patching & Endpoint Protection

Be able to feel secure in running the latest, most secure version of operating systems, security patches and other applications that protects devices from vulnerabilities while guaranteeing compatibility.

Vulnerability Assessments

These assessments will be able to identify security holes within a company’s IT infrastructure. It also runs a series of diagnostics on your company’s devices, applications, and networks to help improve weaker areas.


Increase your offensive security while keeping confidential and important business materials out of the hands of competitors and secure from hackers or viruses. Organizations can also confidently share data with a mobile workforce without risk of security threats.

Regardless of company size, cyber security is important, especially as we see an increase in cloud use and a more mobile focused workforce. AIS can transform a struggling IT strategy to meet company’s needs while keeping crucial company data and client information safe. We will provide supplemental IT consulting and support to fit your organization’s security needs and that keeps all your data secure, guaranteed.

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