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Optimize results & meet business goals with a strategic workflow process unique to your company.

The Ins & Outs of a Structured Workflow Process

Workflow processes are visual diagrams that are structured, predefined, chronological tasks that are performed in order to help achieve organization wide objectives. With dedicated start and end points, workflow processes include set requirements for each step that helps deliver projected and optimized results. These processes are proven to provide structural and organizational stability to any sized business.

While creating a structured workflow process there are three main parameters that are always included. The first is input, this refers to the materials and resources that are needed to complete that specific step. Second is transformation, this refers to the set of rules and requirements that dictate how the input is received and so what is to be done. Third is output, this refers to the materials and resources that are actually produced.


Refers to the materials and resources needed to complete a specific step.


Refers to the set rules and requirements to dictate how the input is received and what is to be done.


Refers to the materials and resources that are produced.

In addition, there are four components of a structured workflow process:


Refers to people or machinery that is responsible for either a specific part or the task in whole throughout the whole process.


Refers to the tasks or processes that are performed in order. All activities must be done in order to be able to move forward in the workflow process.


Refers to the desired outcomes out of each step. If results do not meet the desired outcome, the process will not continue.


Refers to when a task is in between steps of the workflow process. The point is to monitor the task to make sure they are doing processing as described.

Streamline & Optimize All Tasks & Business Goals

The goal of good workflow management is to streamline tasks and meet business wide objectives quickly. After you build, automate, and manage your workflow successfully you can see an abundant amount of organization benefits. Businesses notice an increase in access to information, improvement in connectivity, reduction in product risk, efficient task management and fewer clerical errors that cause re-work. Some other incredible benefits include:

  • Increase in Productivity and Efficiency
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Provides an Audit Trail
  • 24/7 Access to Approve and Track Requests/Tasks
  • Identity Process Trends and Reductions
  • Identify and Remove Process Barriers
  • Reduce Paperwork Including Cost and Waste
  • All Employees To Focus on Critical Tasks to Achieve Organization Goals
  • Increase in Security

The Software that Brings it All Together

AIS will bring services to help you reduce waste, control document management, manage security concerns, and capture overall costs associated to print on paper.


Print management software that helps minimize waste within your company while having a secure and easy printing experience.

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Prism Software

This solution replaces manual, out-dated work processes with automated workflow processes that are created specifically for your company that offer a wide range of functions. Which allows organizations to easily automate and manage their business process, workflows, documents and content.

Prism Software provides a variety of affordable applications that enable all size organizations to greatly reduce their costs and significantly increase their efficiencies.

Rochester Software Associates (RSA)

Workflow processes can link people and data while consolidating and automating production print workflows. RSA can meet the needs of all commercial, in-plant and production print centers and has the ability to maximize your equipment utilization.

Workflow processes are critical in streamlining and automating business tasks that can help companies meet their goals. The ability to reduce human error, make well-informed business decisions, and empower employees to collaborate with a full-proof strategy.

Contact AIS today to see how a well-structured workflow process can improve your business.


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