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Managed Endpoint Detection and Response: Exploring the Significance In Cyber Security

Prioritizing cyber security as an organization becomes increasingly important in a more digital era where modern cyber security threats are advanced enough to render traditional endpoint antivirus solutions ineffective. Managed endpoint detection and response is an advanced cyber security solution that combines advanced analytics, threat protection, and response technology designed to protect your data and assets.

By design, Managed EDR is meant to be proactive, configurable, and tunable. This security strategy is designed to detect behaviors that indicate and eradicate a threat or attack across all vectors including endpoints, networks, the cloud, and other products in the organization.

To understand Managed EDR a little better, let’s break down the name.

    • Endpoints – any device that is connected to a network
      • This moves beyond office computers and includes technology such as mobile phones, tablets, and even security cameras
    • Detection – the identification of any malicious software or users acting on the endpoints
      • With 24/7 monitoring, alerts and technical data are regularly sent in and analyzed to establish the complete picture of an organization but also to spot early signs of malicious activity
    • Response – reacting to threats (internal or external) before they attack the network
      • Once threats are recognized, the device, or endpoint, is typically isolated and neutralized before it can infect the network

Common use cases for this type of service include identifying and subsequent blockage of malware, control of executing scripts, preventing the use of unauthorized devices, disabling various attacker techniques, and identifying and preventing zero-day attacks.

Managed EDR is a refinement of the original EDR concept and is an effective cyber security strategy that is meant to protect your organization by rapidly identifying, containing, and remediating threats including but not limited to breaches, ransomware, or malware.

Illustration depecting concept of endpoint secutiry

Managed EDR brings an air of confidence and simplicity into cybersecurity by offering 24/7 monitoring with qualified IT professionals and includes organizational benefits including:

  • Improved communication methods
  • Experienced security analyst
  • Improved detection capabilities
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • Improved threat intelligence
  • Improved threat response
  • Decreased breach response
  • Higher-level threat investigations
  • Vulnerability management
  • Better incident response and log management
  • Improved compliance and reporting
  • Increased ROI

Managed EDR often is outsourced and when outsourcing, it is important to understand what your organization needs and can effectively handle. When choosing managed EDR organizations should consider four different factors of their business.

  1. Cyber Attacks – how often does the organization experience cyber-attacks? How many attacks and what type of them on average? How long do these attacks affect productivity or day-to-day work?
  2. Momentum – has there been an increase in cyber-attacks? Did this increase happen after a successful cyber attack? Did this increase happen after major growth (i.e., increase in profit, employees, clients, products, locations) in the business?
  3. Employee Vulnerability – are employees properly trained to recognize phishing schemes or other malware attacks? Have there been internal threats that have been from employees, intentional or through human error?
  4. IT Team – is the IT team burned out? Are they spending more time monitoring and chasing, identifying, and remediating malware infections that it hinders all other day-to-day tasks? Is your IT team stretched too thin?

While Managed endpoint detection and response gets a rep for being complex, at AIS we are here to help make cybersecurity goals become reality. With managed EDR, organizations can have a security strategy that is fine-tuned to your current challenges ensuring emerging attacks are not threatening your organization’s data, profits, or reputation. Contact us today to see the true potential of managed EDR in your cybersecurity strategy.