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Workgroup &
Multifunctional Printers

An emphasis on efficiency. Incredible image quality, easy-to use-features, & multiple connectivity options.

What is a Workgroup/Multifunctional Printer?

Workgroup/multifunctional printers are devices that can accept print jobs from multiple users. These printers contain their own expandable memory and hard drive for storing jobs, this allows print jobs to be completed faster regardless of the queue. This device allows your company to bring all your printing devices into one high-impact machine without sacrificing print quality.

Workgroup and multifunctional printers are capable of dealing with at least ten users and are capable of printing more than 10,000 pages on average per month. These printers have multiple paper trays for holding a variety of paper sizes and a large quantity of paper. They also contain high-capacity ink/toner cartridges, folding, stapling, the ability to copy, scan, and fax documents keeping them efficient and operating regardless of the workload.

Why Should Your Company Invest in a Workgroup/Multifunctional Printer?

Ease of use

Employees only need to learn one interface to handle all printing needs. Have the ability to unlock all printing, scanning, and copying needs in a single action.


Having a multifunctional printer means you can create more space. With a printer who can perform multiple actions and handle a major workload, you will need less printers and other related devices cluttering your office space.

Document and Print Management

By having your entire company going through one infrastructure, you can manage document flow while maintaining visibility, security, and compliance. Print Environment management helps offices to increase security and decreases printing costs but cutting down unauthorized printing.

Are All Printers the Same?

Forbes stated that printing, scanning and faxing are essential to a company’s operations. Workgroup/multifunctional printers are able to bring these features to any sized business with a new and improved level of efficiency.

Deciding on the right workgroup printer is important, AIS has multiple options to help fit your business:

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta’s award-winning bizhub multifunction printers speed up your output and streamline your workflow with multifunctional productivity – printing, copying and scanning with simple on-screen control, seamless software integration and all the options you need for right-size scalability in any business or professional application.

Bizhub 300i B&W
Bizhub 360i B&W
Bizhub 450i B&W
Bizhub 550i B&W
Bizhub 650i B&W
Bizhub 750i B&W
Bizhub 808 B&W
Bizhub 4050i B&W
Bizhub 4750i B&W
Bizhub C250i
Bizhub C300i
Bizhub C360i
Bizhub C450i
Bizhub C550i
Bizhub C650i
Bizhub C750i
A4 Bizhub C3350i
A4 Bizhub C4050i
A4 Bizhub 4052
A4 Bizhub 4752


Sharp multifunctional printers (MFPs) are designed to make device setup easier and faster. These are not your typical all- in-one copier, printing, faxing and scanning devices. Precision engineered to help increase workflow efficiency and provide exceptional image quality, Sharp MFPs are easier to operate, control, monitor, manage and maintain, helping take your business to the next level of productivity and performance.

MX-B355w, B455w
BP-70C31, BP-70C36, BP-70C45
MX-C303wh, 304wh


Whether your small team needs to print, copy, fax or scan, you shouldn’t have to give up speed, quality, reliability or security – attributes that many entry-level devices can’t deliver. By contrast, Lexmark small workgroup devices offer enterprise-grade performance and features, skillfully scaled to fit in smaller spaces and print/copy volume up to 10,000 pages per month.

If you find your company has a great demand for generalized printer needs, it is time to make the switch. Combine productivity, all necessary features and ease of use into one machine. Save time, all around office costs, and headaches with an innovative printer powerhouse.

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