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School Security Solutions

Parents, Students, and Educators Demand Security. We Provide It.

Some schools and campuses have the latest in educational technology, but in this increasingly dangerous world, may still be using outdated methods of signing in guests, tracking visitors, and keeping unwanted and dangerous visitors out. Those that recognize this problem are turning to our deterrent security solutions for their visitor management systems, door barriers, and security cameras.

Enhance Your School Security Plan

Interior/Exterior/Perimeter Cameras

With license plate recognition, vehicle identification and tracking.

Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

Visitors are automatically screened before allowed to enter.

Visitor Management System

Unique badge system records date, time, reason for visit and destination.

Mobotix Cameras

Clear image even in low light, no blind spots and two-way audio- Secure Access: Automatically identify blacklisted individuals and send alerts to staff.

Visible Weapon Detection

Receive advanced warning of potential safety threats and send alerts to your security team so they can act quickly to keep your campus safe.

Cybersecurity Monitoring

Enhanced data privacy and network security to keep student records and data safe from the dark web.

Smart Video Analytics

Smart technology that recognizes patterns and can help to prevent incidents.

Benefits of School Security Solutions

Automated Temperature Scan

Thermal devices accurately detect elevated body temperature.

Secure Entry Integration

Seamless integration with existing Access Control systems for automated, secure access control.

Visitor Logging & Tracking

The SchoolGate Guardian software quickly scans any state-issued ID or license, checks for sex-offenders, time stamps the visit, and automatically archives all details of the visit.

Enhanced Privacy and Encryption

Easily comply with all state regulations on privacy and data control. Dynamically adjust your settings and conditions with changing policy.

Quick Alerts

With the push of a button, text or email a pre-set contact list in different emergency situations.

Implement Where You Need

The Classroom Guardian Door Barriers are affordable and universal devices that will effectively barricade classrooms in emergencies.

Easy Compliance with Logging & Reporting

Generate automated, time-stamped reports to audit past incidents. Opt for health questionnaires as part of an customized workflow

Fast & Accurate Identity Recognition

Detect identities in less than a second with over 99% accuracy. Identify blacklisted individuals (sex-offenders and non-custodial parents) for immediate alerts.

End-to-End Video Security Solutions From AIS

AIS understands that you are building, upgrading or augmenting your security system and your security teams to ensure you have a comprehensive program. Our solutions portfolio provides the valuable assistance that you need. We understand and we’re here to help you to build it right.

Secure Access Solutions
Video Managment Systems
Visitor Management
School Security Solutions
Video Analytics
Intelligent Surveillance
Visible Weapon Detection

Video Security Solutions Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota

Secure Access Solutions
Video Management Systems
Visitor Management
School Security Solutions
Video Analytics
Intelligent Surveillance
Visible Weapon Detection

Video Security Partner

Our comprehensive solutions cover you from the hallway to the playground to the parking lot. It’s peace of mind all in one place.