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Desktop Printer Solutions (DPS)

Solutions that bring you the right technology to increase efficiency & quality while cutting costs.

Finding the Right Solution

The AIS methodology ensures that we bring in the proper technology to meet your business’ needs to aid in overall company growth. Our experienced team of office technology consultants will work with your company to deliver the right printing and document solutions.

Our deliverable to you is a report containing:

  • An inventory of all current printing and scanning assets.
  • A map detailing device locations.
  • A total cost of operation report.

Based on these findings, we will develop a plan for both short-term and long-term opportunities to:

  • Reduce print volume and costs.
  • Consolidate and refresh your current devices.
  • Present paperless and green opportunities.
  • Streamline document workflows and improve document security.

What Are The Key Benefits?

Control Costs

Reducing print volume, print cost and maintenance.

Improve Environmental Footprint/Green Credentials

By getting a well tailored printing assessment, your business can reduce its environmental footprint drastically. Reduce waste and your company’s carbon footprint through a more managed printing solution.


On average, office workers use 10,000 sheets of paper each year, with around 6,000 sheets considered to be wasted. With DPS your company can cut waste from misuse, identify where to vindicate printing, and enforce printing practices.


Your company assessment will provide clear insight into a company’s print usage and all related costs. Companies can stay aware of how their workforce is using their printing technology and fully understand their printing budgeting.

Enhance Security

Along with a tailored printing plan, your consultant will also provide you with a plan focusing on document security.


Once a partner, you will have access to a personalized customer portal. This portal allows you to order supplies, submit maintenance requests, and check your company’s account history. There is also an option to enroll in our auto toner delivery program – we’ll ship your toner before end users are affected.

Beyond these benefits, AIS will also offer support on either your new or existing printers. Providing maintenance and supplies that will keep your business running smoothly. We also develop short term and long term plans to help reduce print costs, consolidate and refresh your devices, present paperless opportunities, and streamline document workflow.

What options can AIS bring to my Business?

AIS can integrate two different high-quality printer options to help fit any business’ need regardless of business size or workload.


Small workgroup devices can give your small team the ability to print, copy, fax or scan without giving up speed, quality, reliability or security. These machines are specifically designed to fit smaller spaces while still being able to handle high quantity workloads of up to 10,000 per month.

HP LaserJet Printers

These printers are affordable, powerful devices with high speed performance. In addition, they offer deep, multilayered protection and unrivaled wireless connectivity and best-in-class security.

Implementing the right Desktop Printer Solution gives businesses the advantage they need by bringing in the best solution to meet their needs.

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Production Digital Presses
Wide Format Printers
Desktop Printer Solutions

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Contact one of our office technology experts today to see how our Desktop Printer Solutions can bring out the full potential of your business.