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When you have a message to share with the world, interactive display systems make it happen with ease.

Effortless communication, harmonious collaboration

AIS brings you the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system which provides endless benefits for your business. These interactive display systems allow your company to experience elevated meetings and enhanced presentations with ease. In addition to an easy to use system, Sharp AQUOS BOARD® have highly responsive pens that allow multiple people to work on the screen simultaneously and the Sharp Display Connect software enables multifaceted wireless communication regardless of location.

Benefits of the Sharp AQUOS BOARD®

Effective Communication

Be able to take your meetings to a new level with on screen content that can be viewed on up to 50 mobile devices in real time along with interactive on-screen writing and drawing for all. You can also easily transfer files between devices and display screens keeping all employees and clients up to date with accurate, current information.


The Sharp AQUOS BOARD® offers large screen sizes and incredible image quality. These screen sizes allow everyone to easily see and engage with meetings. Stay competitive and make an impact when presenting on an eye-popping screen.


These interactive display systems can be mounted easily and they can also be moved from room to room. All without the need for a keyboard, mouse, or corresponding wires and cables.

Speed & Efficiency

It is easy to save time with interactive display systems. They respond to commands faster, reduce navigation time, and present fast results.

Meaningful & Powerful Interactions

Bringing in smart technology like an interactive display system is significant for empowering employees and customers with purposeful ways to interact with training and sales. Be able to keep the attention of the entire room while also delivering a meaningful, original presentation.

Interactive display systems help with your employees and clients alike. For employees, help keep them engaged while enhancing collaboration and efficiency. For clients, deliver presentations that pack a memorable punch. Give your business the upper hand and integrate our interactive display systems into your day to day practices.

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