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IT Consultation & Projects

Delivering expert & dependable IT guidance that helps technology keep pace with your business.

If you are finding your company is having trouble meeting their business objectives or overcoming problems, these are signs that you need to bring in AIS for IT consulting or project management to implement new technology changes. IT consulting will provide your company with advice on how best to use IT for achieving companywide goals while making the most out of your IT resources.

The Intricate Role of a Consultant

A consultant takes on several roles during projects. The responsibilities start with analyzing a company’s infrastructure, IT system and strategies. They can quickly pinpoint and diagnose any IT problems which helps them build a solid IT strategy. After a sound strategy is completed, they can update infrastructure or hardware to meet company needs. After updating, they will test, install, and monitor all new systems. With new strategies and companywide updates, consultants will also provide advice on technology best practices while collaborating with the in-house IT team. This will also include training staff to use new systems and monitoring these systems and in-house practices. One of the final responsibilities is providing accurate progress reports and documentation to show proof of progress.

What We Can Bring to the Table

At AIS, we can confidently consult on a wide variety of projects with our experienced team. Our team will help create guide and support to achieve your organization’s goals. From the start, our consults and strategies are tailor-made for your business. AIS will bring together the right technology and plan of action together to bring guaranteed results with our services such as:

Virtualization Design

An effective way to maximize IT resources while reducing IT expenses. Virtualization Design can make your infrastructure more efficient, improve availability and be able to migrate out of outdated hardware.

Network Design

This is the planning phase before implementing changes to your company’s IT structure. In this phase, consultants will evaluate how your network is connected (routers, servers etc.) and how to increase for operational efficiency.

Computer & Software Upgrades

Update any hardware or applications that are at risk for security breachers, that do not run efficiently, or are no longer beneficial to your company’s needs.

Data Migration & Relocation

We will securely move all necessary data between data storage systems. This process includes preparing, extracting, and transforming any data during any system or hard drive updates.

AIS is equipped to bring your company quality IT consulting services and project management regardless of your company’s size or budget. Bringing on a member of our team will offer you insight into the correct technology, best business practices and solid strategies that can advance your organization. If you feel your IT team or strategy is suffering, AIS is qualified to bring your team the knowledge to help reach business objectives.

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