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Managed IT Services

Enhance your company’s infrastructure & build towards your goals while keeping critical IT systems running smoothly.

Almost all companies have IT systems that need to be managed daily. Hardware needs to be managed, cybersecurity needs to be monitored and applications need to be updated as needed. This can become costly and cause productivity loss due growing technologies with an overworked in-house IT staff.

With our IT Management services, we provide regular management of systems and networks that keep your hardware, servers and networks working efficiently. Expert consults can offer software production, software maintenance, data storage, cloud transformation, network monitoring, system support, capacity planning, asset/performance management, network security, authentication, HR, technical diagnostics, system repair management and recovery services.

Building a Strong Foundation for Your Organization

At AIS, building a strong base for our clients to grow off is the key to success. Our experienced team has the knowledge to manage and consult through multiple IT services. Your organization will see an increase in productivity, more reliability from their IT staff, increase in efficiency with technology and gain the confidence to stay adaptable and competitive. Listed below are the services that AIS can assist your organization and IT staff with.

Managed Voice

Managed Voice Services combine hardware, hosted PBX, and internet connection. Also provided is an easy set up and continuous out of house maintenance. Outsourcing your phone system maintenance relieves your IT Team of the task allowing them to focus on different assignments.

Server & PC Management

Through the management and monitoring, guarantee that your servers and PCs are always running efficiently. In addition, management includes hardware, software, security, and backups while minimizing server crashes thus building more secure environments.

IT Support

If your IT team has too many tasks with not enough resources, AIS can bring assistance. We will provide additional support to provide IT stability, security, and increased effectiveness by introducing the latest technology, advanced training, and best practices.


Virtualization creates software based applications, servers, storage, and networks. With virtualization it is easy to reduce IT expenses and maintenance while increasing flexibility to help any sized business meet their growth.

There are some additional benefits for both IT and business level specific when executing AIS’ help with the above services. IT specific benefits include increased productivity, process implementation based on best practices, increased support, increased visibility, increased understanding of IT services and reduced incident lifecycles. Business level specific benefits include better understanding of business needs, increased IT availability, increased value, cost efficiency, reduced impact in case of incidents.

If you find your IT team is running out of resources but continually running into problems, utilizing our IT Management Services is the next step for your company. Minimize downtime and increase productivity knowing your IT systems are running more efficiently when having the support and technology your organization, specifically your IT staff, needs.

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