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Video Security Solutions

More than meets the eye

Using Video Analytics to Deter Crime

Proactively deter crime and protect your assets with our REACT Platform. We use advanced video algorithms to create REACT modules that enable customers to add detection functionality like visible weapon detection and visitor check-in to their video security plan. Smart businesses, governments and schools need smart security solutions to protect their assets, staff and operations, and to guard against potential threats and liabilities. With intelligent internet-protocol (IP) design, our customized video security solutions proactively address your monitoring and security needs. Whether your monitoring is for indoor, outdoor, low-light, in challenging weather conditions – you have to ensure you have visibility to all activity around your buildings and their perimeters.

Build Your End-To-End Security System

With our unique, decentralized software-driven solution, we offer unparalleled security systems that not only collect data, but analyze and convert it into valuable, actionable information for a greater degree of intelligence. You can more effectively defuse highly dangerous situations and reduce your liability with better video surveillance and real-time alerts.

AIS understands that you are building, upgrading or augmenting your security system and your security teams to ensure you have a comprehensive program. This allows you keep your main focus on your business and to be assured that you have the right systems and support in place to take care of the rest. Our solutions portfolio provides the valuable assistance that you need. We understand and we’re here to help you to build it right.

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Are You NDAA Compliant?

In 2022, congress passed further NDAA legislation expanding its prohibition on certain video surveillance companies, limiting who government contractors can purchase from. Whether or not your company receives federal funding, it’s important to keep private information inaccessible and to close off any backdoor access to your surveillance systems. Read about our NDAA overview to learn more about this legislation, whether or not your current system may be non-compliant, and how AIS can help.

Read NDAA Overview

Consider These Benefits And Product Advantages For Unparalleled Safety

Controlled Access

Monitor access to restricted or sensitive areas with two-way audio


Inconspicuous in any business environment to eliminate distractions

Easy integration

Ease of use means your staff is not challenged with complicated instructions

Expand your coverage area

Unprecedented camera range enables you to expand your coverage area with fewer cameras | Range of 1 = 5 of competitors


No limit to the number of security cameras for your system

Hi-Def Picture Quality

High-definition images for the highest quality picture

Improve sales

Refine merchandising with heat maps charting the customer’s journey in your store

IoT leading-edge technology

Proprietary IP | Decentralized configuration not available elsewhere

Long-lasting durability

Able to withstand high and low temperatures, shake-proof, bullet-proof

Low/No light visibility

See into dark parking areas or minimally lit, after-hours facilities with moonlight and thermal/optical technology

Prevent wild-fires

Detect fires before they are out of control by monitoring fire-prone areas

See everything

180° or 360° hemispheric view provides visibility on the bus, down the hall or in the store

Temperature alerts

Alarms | Messages let you know if your facility is out of its default temperature range

Time saver

Recognizes human perimeter breaches and mitigates false alarms from wandering wildlife

Unexpected value

Makes bullies think twice about terrorizing classmates | Gives transportation hub operators visibility of rider usage

Optimizing Video Security For Your Business

When it comes to protecting our communities, whether students, constituents, patients or office administrators, it’s actually quite simple. Put people first. Partnering with the right video security solutions provider will get your business headed in the right direction.

AIS is here to assist businesses across St. Paul & Minnesota learn more about the latest intelligent video security solutions and start their digital transformation journey.

Secure Access Solutions

Harness an automated suite of tools from secure access to cover your entry and screening requirements, including fast & accurate identity recognition, enhanced privacy & encryption, automated temperature scan, auto check-in, and easy compliance with logging & reporting.

Configurations that meet your compliance needs

Cloud VMS Solutions

By connecting to the cloud for storage, your video management system can give you the network-view for all of your organization’s MOBOTIX video surveillance cameras – from one site or multiple sites. Enable alerts from your entire network to everyone who needs to get the information.

Scalable Video Management Solutions

Visitor Management

The REACT – Visitor Manager platform provides visitor verification via WIFI/Bluetooth technology through trackers in registered mobile devices. By registering the legitimate staff, students, visitors etc. your site map can pinpoint the unregistered intruder saving time and improving communications. You are smarter and you give the proper authorities the intelligence that they need for quick problem resolution.

A Comprehensive Way to Keep the Workplace Safe

School Security Solutions

With more and more life-threatening situations in our schools and on our college campuses, comprehensive security for your educational institution is all the more critical. We have built a comprehensive solution set for K-12 and higher education that guides you through our series of physical, cyber and support solutions so you can build or augment your current school or campus security. We can provide the latest and most comprehensive security system for your students and faculty.

Comprehensive end-to-end School Security Solutions

Video Analytics

Behavior analytics enable actions that can prevent bigger problems. These special features provide a high-level of monitoring information for optimal oversight. From detecting smoke and fire to detection objects left behind or removed.

Leveraging AI to Detect When Something is not Right

Intelligent Surveillance – Cameras for Physical Security

MOBOTIX security cameras are an effective, active deterrent using intelligent video surveillance to watch over your assets and staff 24/7. You’ll sleep better knowing your business and its valuables are well protected.

Explore our Smart Security & Wireless Cameras

Visible Weapon Detection

By harnessing advanced video algorithms and artificial intelligence, REACT – Visible Weapon Detection (VWD) uses cameras to detect most visible firearms and trigger a response: issue text alerts to security staff or emergency personnel, sound audible alarms, lock-down doors, or even connect with an existing system through open API integration.

Advanced Warning of Potential Safety Threats

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