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Stephanie Keating Phillips – an ENX Magazine 2023 Difference Maker

Why Stephanie Keating Phillips is a difference maker:

Stephanie Keating Phillips
Stephanie Keating Phillips

Working at Advanced Imaging Solutions as a receptionist was supposed to represent a temporary solution for Phillips as she mapped out her future endeavors. Nearly 25 years later, it’s clear the University of St. Thomas graduate and former college softball star was destined for greatness in the office technology universe.

“Stephanie has a great set of skills for the next generation of leadership. The way that she communicates, her attitude and personality – this is a woman who’s on her game. She’s articulate, smart funny, aggressive and a great businesswoman. Stephanie is very sophisticated and elegant, and she holds her own on the golf course. She’s definitely the type of executive we need to move this industry forward.”
— Mike Stramaglio, President and CEO, Stramaglio Consulting