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Direct Routing For Microsoft Teams

Leverage Microsoft Teams for a Unified Calling Solution

Empower Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing. Direct Routing offers a cloud platform as a service (CPaaS) to support the entire Microsoft Teams Calling lifecycle including migration, deployment, capacity management, support, analytics, and integration. All this and cost savings over Microsoft’s calling plans. Unified Communications Direct Routing makes it simpler to migrate your telecom to Teams.

Enhance Your Microsoft Office Experience

Unified Communications Direct Routing makes it simple to migrate your phone system to Microsoft Teams.

The Entire Phone System Lifecycle Is Supported

Including deployment, support, analytics, and integration.

Eliminating High Carrier Charges

The solution leverages the cloud for long-distance telephony within the organization.


  • Native Teams call routing
  • Shared trunk/call path sharing plans
  • 1 phone number & Dynamic 911 included per user
  • SMS integrations
  • Cloud Fax & traditional fax solutions
  • Call recording
  • On-demand disaster planning


SMS Integrations

Get more functionality for less money with an improved employee experience. Gain full functionality and SMS automation in Microsoft Teams. Each user can talk, text, picture message, and more.

  • Includes up to 2,000 messages per month
  • Using work phone lines, users can call and text from existing numbers
  • Use single sign on for teams to access
  • Send/receive text messages within Teams Channel
Direct Routing for Miscrosoft Teams
Hosted PBX with Unified Communications

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