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Cloud Backup Solutions

Utilize the Cloud & protect your company & your clients from potential data loss.

In everyday business, it is critical to have proper backups of data and files. Saving files on an individual hard drive and nowhere else can leave your company and your vital information vulnerable. There are several common causes of data loss such as: human error, viruses, malware, hard drive damage, power outages, theft, liquid damage, natural disasters, software corruption, and hackers.

Having proper backup solutions in place for your company is the key to avoiding this. The purpose of a backup is to create a copy of data that can be saved and recovered in a separate server, system, or program. Utilizing The Cloud, companies can have backup copies made on a regular basis to minimize data and information loss.

Three Types of Backup Solutions & their Major Benefits

Full Backup

This process makes at least one additional copy of data files that your company deems critical. A full backup will clone selected items like files, client data, SaaS applications, hard drives but takes more time than the other backups due to the amount being copied at once.

Incremental Backup

This process is a less storage consuming backup that copies data that has been changed or created since the previous backup (full or otherwise). Since this process is only updating the most recent changes, it is a faster process that can be run more frequently.

Differential Backup

This process rides the line between a full backup and incremental backup. Differential backups copy data that has been changed or created since the previous full backup. These backups will take more time and storage than an incremental backup but less than full.

After finding the right solution for your organization, all backup processes offer a wide variety of benefits. These benefits are valuable to growing organizations who are concerned with security, file recovery and maintaining a competitive edge. These benefits include:

  • Fast File Recovery – before Cloud backup solutions, the loss of an individual hard drive would create major hurdles in the workplace from a decrease in productivity and the risk of the crucial data being unsalvageable. When all your organization’s data is stored securely to the Cloud it can be retrieved from anywhere quickly with minimal downtime.
  • Added Security – with files being encrypted before making their way to the Cloud, your important data and valuable client information are secure throughout the entire process. Your information is safe from data breaches, hackers and your organization can have peace of mind knowing your data is protected and accessible even with machine or IT failure.
  • Ease of Use – backing up important data used to be considered a daunting task, but with regularly scheduled data backups that move all information to one secure place it can be initiated with just a few clicks and completed automatically. Employees can access the Cloud database without the help of IT and regardless of location.
  • Long Term Data Storage – traditional data storage could make it difficult to not only sort but even keep older data. Some organizations need to keep records dating back years and cloud backup solutions keep data easily accessible, regardless of how dated the data could be.
  • Less Storage – with all your organization’s backups being kept in the Cloud instead of limited physical hard drives, the files and data that can be saved without sacrificing storage seems endless. This also helps improve network performance without large backups taking up bandwidth.

In addition to these benefits, not only your company but your clients can have peace of mind when it comes to data protection. Be able to move past misunderstandings, missing information and outdated files while being to provide quality service and encourage employees to stay productive. In a time where data loss can prove detrimental to a business, backup solutions are a critical way to assure the safety, security, and recoverability of your data.

High-Quality Cloud Service Solutions From AIS

AIS is your source for effective cloud service solutions throughout the Minneapolis & St. Paul regions of Minnesota. You’ll get customized services to keep your cloud environment operating safely and efficiently at all times.

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