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Intelligent video security solutions

You may be a superhero when protecting the security of your data internally, but what about protecting your business from external villains? Throw your cape over your building and staff with active deterrence using intelligent video surveillance from MOBOTIX. It’s your most effective way to prevent outlaws from invading your workplace and harming your valued assets. The smart security camera systems offered by AIS will be sure to put your mind at ease with the intelligent video surveillance capabilities offering advanced protection with high resolution video streaming. Interior indoor cameras, as well as outdoor security cameras, and thermal night-vision cameras are all available to help secure your organization.

Indoor Products

Mobotix c26 Indoor camera


With a diameter of just five inches and weighing less than 1 pound, the MOBOTIX c26 indoor camera is the smallest and lightest complete 360° video surveillance system that installs very fast in protected areas. Its features include a light-sensitive 6MP day or night sensor and the MxAnalytics behavioral analysis tool.

Mobotix i26 indoor camera


The MOBOTIX i26 is a 6MP hemispheric camera perfectly suited to be wall mounted with a 15° tilt angle to achieve the best panoramic view of a room without blind spots. It can capture an entire room, thus easily replacing four standard CCTV cameras.

Mobotix p26 indoor camera


The MOBOTIX p26 indoor ceiling camera is equipped with 6MP Moonlight Sensor Technology, giving the best possible low-light resolution to cope with every indoor situation. With its standard MOBOTIX features and video management system, this model is one of the most attractive security solutions available for home and business owners.

Mobotix v26 indoor camera


The MOBOTIX v26 is the first MOBOTIX indoor camera supported by two vandalism kits that provides complete case protection. In addition to its standard lens options, the MOBOTIX v26 dome camera can be configured with an on-wall audio kit with the vandalism sets.

Outdoor Products

Mobotix D16 outdoor camera


The D16 is a dual dome outdoor camera with two lens modules that provides a wide range of fully adjustable viewing options for an array of applications. It’s a completely modular video surveillance system and can be setup as a standard dome camera, as a 180° camera model with a super-wide panoramic view or as a day to night camera for 24 hour surveillance.

Mobotix D26 outdoor camera


The MOBOTIX D26 MonoDome weatherproof camera offers all of the same advanced and innovative technology as our other video surveillance systems but is engineered in a dome configuration. It offers decentralized recording management and a 6MP image sensor for high-quality image quality even under poor illumination.

Mobotix M16 outdoor camera


The MOBOTIX M16 features two light-sensitive image sensors and two lenses that allow it to generate sharp color surveillance videos and high contrast black-and-white videos, even in dark situations. The electronic switching between the day and night system is automatic, with no moving parts and is based on light conditions to ensure reliable operation at any temperature and in any weather condition.

Mobotix M26 outdoor camera


The MOBOTIX M26 outdoor camera is designed and engineered to withstand the most demanding of weather conditions with its high tolerance and IP66 rating. It features 6MP technology and is highly adaptive as to where it can be deployed, thanks to its wide choice of available HD Premium lenses.

Thermal Products

Mobotix M16D thermal camera


Thermographic cameras detect and register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness at a distance of over 320 feet. The network cameras are effective in detecting life-threatening heat sources in temperature sensitive environments to pinpoint the exact location of hotspots or as an early warning sign of fire in your facility.

Mobotix S16 thermal camera


The MOBOTIX S16 Thermal compact Flex camera is a single-lens, 360° video device that mounts discreetly behind walls, ceiling panels or any small cavity. Without extra cooling, heating or Pan/Tile/Zoom (PTZ) motors, you will use just eight watts of power so you have the thermographic sensitivity to detect and register objects and people using a thermal signature.

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