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Smart Security Video Software & Solutions

Services to build your end-to-end security system

AIS understands that you are building, upgrading or augmenting your security system and your security teams to ensure you have a comprehensive program. This allows you keep your main focus on your business and to be assured that you have the right systems and support in place to take care of the rest. Our solutions portfolio provides the valuable assistance that you need. We understand and we’re here to help you to build it right.

Point-of-Entry Solutions

Harness an automated suite of tools from secure access to cover your entry and screening requirements, including fast & accurate identity recognition, enhanced privacy & encryption, automated temperature scan, auto check-in, and easy compliance with logging & reporting.

Cloud Solutions

By connecting to the cloud for storage, your video management system can give you the network-view for all of your organization’s MOBOTIX video surveillance cameras – from one site or multiple sites. Enable alerts from your entire network to everyone who needs to get the information.

Face Mask Detection

When you are looking to further enhance your security protocol and monitor compliance for face masks, the Face Mask Detection Solution will give you that additional layer of protection. Get alerts when an employee or visitor in out of compliance so you can take action.

Thermal Screening Solutions

Our MOBOTIX Thermal cameras use thermal radiometry imaging technology to detect elevated body temperatures. Whether mounted in our lobby or as part of our Thermal Screening Station, on your computer screen, you see alerts of staff, students and visitors who are out of compliance with your prescribed guidelines before they mix in to your work or school population.

Visitor Verification System

Visitor Verification brings WIFI/Bluetooth technology into your sphere of prevention through trackers in registered mobile devices. By registering the legitimate staff, students, visitors etc. your site map can pinpoint the unregistered intruder saving time and improving communications. You are smarter and you give the proper authorities the intelligence that they need for quick problem resolution.

School Security Solutions

With more and more life-threatening situations in our schools and on our college campuses, comprehensive security for your educational institution is all the more critical. We have built a comprehensive solution set for K-12 and higher education that guides you through our series of physical, cyber and support solutions so you can build or augment your current school or campus security. We can provide the latest and most comprehensive security system for your students and faculty.

Video Security

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Smart Security Video Software & Solutions

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