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Video Security

More than meets the eye
MOBOTIX intelligent video security solutions

Your security is our concern.

With our unique, decentralized software-driven solution, we offer unparalleled security systems that not only collect data, but analyze and convert it into valuable, actionable information for a greater degree of intelligence. You can more effectively defuse highly dangerous situations and reduce your liability with better video surveillance and real-time alerts.

Whether you’re protecting a college campus or a grade school playground, your reliable system provides the security of everyone on the school grounds. Or if your business is prey to theft, vandalism, unauthorized intruders, fraud or breaches into controlled access areas, our indestructible, German-made products give you the tools your Chief Security Officer and enforcement team need for the safety of your people, inventory and premises. Providing both indoor and outdoor security camera systems, AIS’s video surveillance solutions offer a complete security system package.

Consider these benefits and product advantages for unparalleled safety

Controlled Access

Monitor access to restricted or sensitive areas with two-way audio


Inconspicuous in any business environment to eliminate distractions

Easy integration

Ease of use means your staff is not challenged with complicated instructions

Expand your coverage area

Unprecedented camera range enables you to expand your coverage area with fewer cameras | Range of 1 = 5 of competitors


No limit to the number of security cameras for your system

Hi-Def Picture Quality

High-definition images for the highest quality picture

Improve sales

Refine merchandising with heat maps charting the customer’s journey in your store

IoT leading-edge technology

Proprietary IP | Decentralized configuration not available elsewhere

Long-lasting durability

Able to withstand high and low temperatures, shake-proof, bullet-proof

Low/No light visibility

See into dark parking areas or minimally lit, after-hours facilities with moonlight and thermal/optical technology

Prevent wild-fires

Detect fires before they are out of control by monitoring fire-prone areas

See everything

180° or 360° hemispheric view provides visibility on the bus, down the hall or in the store

Temperature alerts

Alarms | Messages let you know if your facility is out of its default temperature range

Time saver

Recognizes human perimeter breaches and mitigates false alarms from wandering wildlife

Unexpected value

Makes bullies think twice about terrorizing classmates | Gives transportation hub operators visibility of rider usage


MOBOTIX security cameras are an effective, active deterrent using intelligent video surveillance to watch over your assets and staff 24/7. You’ll sleep better knowing your business and its valuables are well protected.

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You may be a superhero when protecting data internally, but what about protecting it from external villains? Put on your cape of active deterrence with MOBOTIX intelligent video surveillance to prevent outlaws from invading your workplace.

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