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Cloud Backup

Smart Insurance Without the Premiums

Floods, fires and countless other calamities can strike at any time, often without advance warning. In the event your IT systems are physically damaged, would you trust an onsite backup solution to work the way it’s supposed to?

AIS Cloud Backup & Recovery Services are designed to ensure that your organization has access to its important files in the event that they are needed. By providing a scalable, secure offsite location to store critical business data, you can easily and quickly access it when necessary, such as in the event of a security breach or natural disaster. Our dedicated team of experts will set up, configure and monitor all backups customized to your business needs and test them regularly to ensure that they’re working properly.

Save time and money while gaining peace of mind that your data and applications are protected when the unexpected occurs.

A Stronghold on Security

We understand the stress and frustration of dealing with lost documents and files. With our cloud recovery services, you gain peace of mind that your data is protected. Benefits of a cloud-hosted backup and recovery solution include:

Local Backup Appliance

Our backup solution starts with a dedicated local appliance which supports backup of Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. Data is compressed, deduplicated and encrypted on the local appliance to optimize capacity and provide security.

Cloud Data Replication

Our solution then replicates your data to an SSAE-16 / SAS 70 type II compliant data center. All data is transferred in its compressed, deduplicated and encrypted format as stored on the local device and is stored in this manner in the data center.


Our solution can be used for simple server backup and restore, or it can have the added ability to replicate one or more Windows servers in the event of hardware failure or disaster. With this option, your business has access to data and systems for true business continuity.


Our solution scales with you as your data or number of servers to backup grow. Our service makes it easy to upgrade your local appliance and the amount of cloud storage. Movement to a higher tier of service is also simple and typically will not require hardware reconfiguration.

Fixed Costs

Our monthly pricing includes local and cloud backup, monitoring of the device and backup schedules, help-desk support and hardware warranty.

Ability to Recover

Our solution can recover data to multiple destinations regardless if the outage is internal, localized to a single site, or affects an entire geographic region.

High-Quality Cloud Service Solutions From AIS

AIS is your source for effective cloud service solutions throughout the Minneapolis & St. Paul regions of Minnesota. You’ll get customized services to keep your cloud environment operating safely and efficiently at all times.

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With our cloud recovery services, you gain peace of mind that your data is protected.