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Email Hosting

Safe & secure communication with your customers, clients, employees, & any professional network — no matter where you are.

Take Control of your Email

Emailing hosting is a hosting service that operates email servers. All emails sent to company domains are transferred directly to an email server where they can be stored, accessed, and protected. To access email hosting, your business requires a server provider to lease out and manage servers; this provider acts as a gateway between your company’s email server and the receiver’s server. Email hosting takes your email beyond the basics of sending and receiving.

There are two main types of email hosting providers. Your organization can either go through a free email hosting provider or a professional. The difference between the two though, speaks for itself. While free email hosting is, clearly, free of both cost and contracts, your company will still have to deal with annoying ads, weaker security measures, less help with customer service, less storage space and typically, no personalized domain name. On the other hand, you may have to pay for a professional service, the pros, without a doubt, outweigh the cons. An organization can count on better security, on-demand help, storage space, personalized domain names, no ads, and superior collaboration tools.

Innovating Email with Email Hosting

Though email is a powerful tool that reigns supreme in the way of communication, organizations and their employees want more. Email hosting offers innovative features that go beyond simply emailing. Email hosting offers a wide variety of features such as autoresponders, spam/virus protection, mail rules, IMAP/POP3, online storage, calendars, mailing lists, blacklists, backups, archiving, folder management, and contacts management. You also have the ability to access emails from any device in any location. Adding on that, there are some key benefits that go along with these advanced features.


Email hosting services typically come with additional value-added protection measures that protect from cyber-attacks. This includes protection against business email compromise fraud, hacking, and email spoofing.

Storage Space

Be able to archive old emails and be able to keep important emails with immense storage space. Each email hosting service offers a substantial amount of storage space per inbox which can store thousands of messages.


Email hosting can meet requirements of your company both short and long term. Email hosting platforms come with a substantial number of mailboxes, handle hundreds of mailboxes and could add or remove domains in a matter of minutes.

Increase Productivity

Be available when clients or employees need to connect. Be able to address complaints quickly, offer more employee collaboration, be able to move past lost emails or delays in receiving important information.

Brand Consistency

Incorporating your own domain is key to improving brand consistently. Using a custom domain name that includes your business name looks more professional and memorable. Clients will be able to connect you easily to your products and services.

Cost Savings

Instead of buying your own infrastructure, paying for added resources and hiring additional IT staff to manage it, email hosting outsources it to well-trained professionals and offers low-costs services that can meet a business’ needs.

All in all, email remains at the top of business communication, but email hosting is becoming a crucial part of the communication infrastructure. With more emphasis on security and accessibility while also adapting to a more mobile workforce, it is critical that email hosting becomes part of any sized business. It is time to expect more from your email than the ability to simply send and receive.

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