Managed Print Services

Advanced Imaging Solutions announces Printnomics! 

Every organization is considering new ways to control and reduce costs.  Savvy finance managers are looking at what is now considered the Final Frontier, the desk top fleet.

The Advanced Imaging solutions PRINTNOMICS program reduces operating costs by looking not only WHERE you print, but HOW you print.  By "bundling" all print devices under one contract you have one low cost per print charge that includes all supplies, parts and service.

Why Printnomics? 

        1-3% of corporate revenues are spent on document output.
   Increased availability of email, internet and related technologies are driving prints.
   Companies do not know how many printers they have and who is making prints.
   Expensive print cartridges that end up lost in the financials under office supplies, causing limited cost containment and ability to budget.
   Eliminate multiple suppliers, cartridges, hardware, service, and parts.
   Proliferation of non metered devices.
   Limited cost containment and ability to budget.

Advanced Imaging Solutions will work with you to assess your printing needs, understand your company's objectives, and implement an effective printing and imaging infrastructure. 

To find out what you are really spending on printing costs, contact us today for a no cost print assessment by an AIS Managed Print Specialist. 


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